Apart from its role as the research and scholarship arm of American Bible Society (ABS), the Nida Institute offers an important suite of services to ABS and others. In each of these service sectors, the Institute applies its research and scholarship in concrete ways to help ABS fulfill its historic mission.

Quality assurance staff, among their many duties, provide the final check and balance before ABS releases Scripture products into the general church market. Key tests of each product seek to ensure that the product embodies the best mainstream consensus scholarship and does not evoke any divisive or sensitive doctrinal issues.

Library and Archives staffin collaboration with the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA), curate and conserve one of the world’s most extensive and valuable collections of ancient, medieval, and modern Bibles. One of the most heavily used parts of this collection is the 50,000 Bibles, Testaments, and Portions of Scripture that stem from the modern missionary period. Additionally, staff provide reference and research services using shelved and online resources available at a moment’s notice.

Translation staff carry forward the almost 200-year old mission of ABS to provide the Bible in languages and formats everyone can understand. Some of the work takes place domestically, and other work, internationally. In both cases, modern translation studies serve as the backdrop for each project, providing a capacity for self-reflection and analysis that recognizes the cultural, societal and ideological dimensions of the work.