SBL Nida Lectures

Since 2007, the Nida Institute has recruited and sponsored highly recognized scholars in translation studies and its cognate disciplines to present informative and engaging lectures at the annual and international meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). These sessions are widely publicized within SBL and attract a diverse audience.

This venue promotes the Institute’s transdisciplinary approach to translation, while providing biblical scholars an opportunity to challenge and augment their traditional understanding of the theory and practice of translation. A list of past lecturers demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to exposing SBL’s membership to top-ranking innovative thinkers working in fields relevant to translation studies. 


Annual Meeting – Carolyn Sharp, Translating Alterity: Conflict, Undecidability, and Complicity

International Meeting – Samuel Almada and , Desafíos y Oportunidades en la Traducción de la Biblia a una Lengua Indígena de Argentina

– Edesio Sanchez, La Traducción de la Biblia en América Latina: Pasado, Presente, y Futuro


Annual Meeting – Edward Philip Antonio, Timothy Beal, Bryan Bibb, Elsa Tamez, Philip H. Towner, and Gerald West, Altering Translation: Translation in the Digital Age

International Meeting – Philip H. Towner, Translating Alterity: Reflections on Bible Translation in Light of Psychoanalytic Theory


Annual Meeting – Timothy Beal, Tracing the Other in Translation: Levinas, Alterity, and the Task of the Biblical Translator

International Meeting – Simon Crisp, Texts, Pretexts, Contexts and Paratexts: How Translation Studies Might Shed Light on Biblical Text Criticism


Annual Meeting – Mark L. Strauss, The Relative Merits of Foreignness and Domestication in Contemporary Bible Translation

International Meeting – Lourens de Vries, The Romantic Turn in Bible Translation


International Meeting - Valerie Henitiuk, The Bones of the Stuff: Translation and World Literature

Annual Meeting - Edwin Gentzler, The Power Turn in Translation Studies


International Meeting - Siri Nergaard, Semiotics and Translation

Annual Meeting - Vicente Rafael, The Babel of Monolingualism: Translation, American English and Empire 


International Meeting - Christiane Nord, Intertextuality in Early Christian Literature and Translation

Annual Meeting - Maria Tymoczko, Translating the Bible in Circumstances of Asymmetrical Power: The Openness of Texts and the Self-Determination of the Reader


Annual Meeting - Larry Venuti, Genealogies of Translation Theory


Annual Meeting - Anthony Pym, Bible Translation and Philosophy of Dialogue: Making the Text Speak to the Future