Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Unit of the Nida Institute provides services to the American Bible Society chiefly in two areas: content development and quality control.

In the area of content development, the Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for producing products that regularly appear on the Bible Society’s website, such as the daily Today’s Bible Reading, a compilation of Scripture readings following a monthly theme accompanied by a reflection and prayer. Quality Assurance also prepares the weekly eBulletin, an electronically delivered devotional reflection offering a brief commentary on the readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.   

The Quality Assurance Unit is also responsible for working with the Nida Institute’s scholarly staff to develop and maintain content and editorial guidelines for all Scripture resources produced for ABS ministries and programs. In pursuit of this aim, Quality Assurance maintains the electronic databases for the Society’s intellectual properties (e.g., the Good News Translation and the Contemporary English Version Bible translations and several sets of study Bible notes). The Unit also reviews and edits all Scripture-based print and digital resources (i.e., Selections, Portions, and the electronically delivered Scripture-based Journeys) and promotional materials (i.e., direct mail appeals, Good News! Newsletter, Bible-a-Month Report) to ensure that content is always consistent with the Society’s standards. 

An additional responsibility of Quality Assurance is to respond to a wide variety of Bible-related questions that come from customers, donors, and users of the Bible Society’s website.