Milestones in the Life of Eugene A. Nida

1914     Eugene Nida born on November 11th in Oklahoma City, OK

1936    Nida graduates University of California at Los Angeles, summa cum laude, B.A. in Greek, earning one of the highest ratings in the University’s history.

1937    Begins teaching Morphology and Syntax at the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and continues teaching every summer through 1953.

1939    Receives Master’s degree in New Testament Greek from University of  Southern California.

1943    Completes Ph.D. in Linguistics at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in just two years.

            Ordained in the Northern Baptist Convention.

            Marries Althea Sprague.

            Joins American Bible Society staff as Associate Secretary of Versions.

1946    Delegate to United Bible Societies founding conference.

            Publishes Morphology:The Descriptive Analysis of Words.

1949    Founds the journal The Bible Translator and served as its editor. The journal continues to serve today as a major resource for practical and theoretical treatment of Bible translation issues.

1953    Begins to build team of translation consultants to carry out field work.

1960     Nida sponsors first official Triennial Translation Workshop in Pennsylvania. Two informal meetings were held prior to this one.

1964    Toward a Science of Translating (TASOT) introduces Nida’s theory of Dynamic Equivalence

1966    Publishes first edition of the Greek New Testament with critical apparatus (UBS publication) which provided a standard  text for scholars to use and which facilitated them in their work.

            American Bible Society publishes a New Testament, Good News for Modern Man, in the Today’s English Version. This translation project which was spearheaded by Robert Bratcher followed dynamic equivalent principles.

1967    Key figure in forging UBS/Vatican agreement to undertake hundreds of interconfessional Bible translation projects worldwide, using functional equivalence principles.

1968    Co-authors The Theory and Practice of Translation (TAPOT) with Charles R. Taber. This refined and simplified the TASOT theory.

1969    Initial meeting of Hebrew textual scholars whose groundbreaking work on the Hebrew Old Testament Text  Project, chaired by Nida, led to a new concept and method in text criticism. The project lasted 11 years.

1970     Appointed United Bible Societies Translations Research Coordinator.

1976    Good News Bible (Today’s English Version) is published.

1978    Christian Herald magazine editors hail Nida as one who “has done more than any one person to provide people with Scripture they can read in their own language…”

1986    Co-authors From one Language to Another, an explication of the functional equivalence translation, with Jan de Waard.

1988    Co-authors The Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains with Johannes Louw.

1993    Althea Sprague Nida dies.

1997    Nida marries Dr. Elena Fernadez- Miranda, translator and interpreter.

2001    The American Bible Society salutes Nida’s contribution to the Bible cause at a Translation and Similarity Conference in New York City and names its Eugene A. Nida Institute for Biblical  Scholarship in his honor.

2011    Eugene Nida passed away on August 25, 2011, at the age of 96.