The Mission of Nida

The mission of the Nida Institute is to accelerate the translation process, at a time of urgent need for more translators, with more and better-trained translators who work at local levels and understand that translation is a dialogue that transcends words on a page -- that transcends cultures, borders, media, geography, and time.

Nida Training Strengthens ABS-Catholic Ties

For a six week period from early October to mid-November 2013, the Rev. Dr. Philip H. Towner, Dean and Executive Director of the Nida Institute, taught courses at three Pontifical universities in Rome as part of a UBS-ABS collaboration with the Vatican for training and research in Biblical and translation studies.

Every Tribe, Every Nation

When does the Bible as a printed book no longer serve its purpose to inspire people and offer them hope?

Translation for Tomorrow

The world of Bible translation is changing. Fast.

Nida School of Translation Studies 2017

MAY 22 - JUNE 2, 2017

Nida School of Bible Translation

Religious discourse translation – more specifically, Bible translation – lies at the very heart of the mission that the Nida Institute and its parent organization, American Bible Society, carry out. The Nida Institute entrusts this work to a Translations Unit that collaborates extensively with its project partners.

Professional Development

Ongoing developments in biblical and translation studies along with the rapid deployment of software and digital solutions within theological education make continuing education a must for religious professionals. The Nida Institute customizes programs of professional development that are mobile and up to date. It offers graduate level classes in Bible engagement, biblical studies, globalization, media-translation, and software tools.


Biblical research and translation scholarship continually refresh and improve ABS’s line of products and services. Thanks to several provisions and venues for such research and scholarship, the Institute advances translation studies, critically examines religious discourse, and advocates for new approaches to the theory and practice of translation. Among these provisions is the Nida School for Translation Studies and the journal translation.